Valvoline Power Steering Fluid is a premium blended formula that helps maintain superior efficiency and performance of power steering units. Effective in high and low temperatures, Valvoline Power Steering Fluid is for year-round use to prevent leakage and squealing under severe conditions, and to protect pump breakdown caused by wear and oxidation, without clogging or foaming.

  • Keeps seals and o-rings pliable
  • Prevents leakage & squealing under severe conditions
  • Protects against pump breakdown
  • Meets GM, Ford & Chrysler specifications.
  • Not for use in Honda or Acura vehicles


How to Use:

Consult your owner’s manual before applying power steering fluid. Some power steering units are designed to use transmission fluid, while others are designed to use power steering fluid. Check the level of the power steering fluid at least once a year. If the power steering fluid is low, check the owner’s manual for proper fluid specifications before bringing fluid up to the specified level. Do not overfill.

Using the wrong fluid can cause performance deficiencies such as excessive foaming or improper lubrication. Never use power steering fluid in transmissions or as engine oil.

How does power steering fluid work?
Power steering is a hydraulic system that allows the driver to turn the vehicle’s wheels with minimum effort. The power steering fluid multiplies the torque you apply to the steering wheel and transfers it to the steering gear, which then turns the wheels.

How often should I check my power steering fluid?
It’s important to check your power steering fluid about once a month to see if your fluid level has dropped, which could indicate a leak.

Valvoline Power Steering Fluid

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