Formulated with advanced seal additive technology, MaxLife Transmission Stop Leak helps eliminate leaks in transmissions with over 75,000 miles. MaxLife Transmission Stop Leak features special seal conditioners that help restore old seals and protect them from hardening.

Compatible with automatic transmissions in General Motors, Ford, and light duty trucks. It can also be used in many imports such as Honda, Hyundai/Kia, Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota.

  • Helps stop transmission leaks
  • Reconditions old seals
  • Protects transmission seals from hardening
  • Compatible with GM, Ford & many import vehicles

How to Use:

How does transmission fluid work?
Transmission fluid serves multiple purposes. Its primary function is to supply the hydraulic pressure (via the torque converter) needed to change gears in automatic transmissions. It also serves as a lubricant and as a coolant to protect the inner mechanisms of a transmission.

Maxlife Transmission With Stop Leak

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