Valvoline Extra Strength Starting Fluid

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Valvoline Extra Strength Starting Fluid has been formulated to deliver maximum starting strength through extensive testing to determine the optimum ether content. The extra strength formula allows for faster starts that reduce battery drain, while providing an upper cylinder lubricant for added protection. Valvoline Starting Fluid is also effective on lawn mowers, trimmers, chain saws, motorcycles, etc.

  • Starts engines quickly & reduces drain on batteries
  • Starts diesel or gasoline engines
  • Contains an upper cylinder lubricant for protection
  • Combustion ready at -40˚F
  • Allows for smooth starts in any weather
How to Use: 

For fast, easy starting, spray Valvoline Starting Fluid into the air intake for 2-3 seconds (no more than 3 seconds), and then start the engine.

How does starting fluid work?
The ether in starting fluid ignites at lower temperatures than gasoline, which allows for quicker combustion and easier starts, while also reducing wear on starters.


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